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What is in a name? The world surrounding marijuana has gone many different directions. It doesn’t matter what region inhabited there is a multitude of words that have transformed into slang terms of the word marijuana.


Ganja will meet your ears most often in the Rastafarian-influenced locations, while you find the simple name grass, in the Midwest. The words are different, but the meaning is the same. Slang terms are as diverse as the people on the planet, weed, grass, ganja, herb, and the many others are all the plant, cannabis.


Terms are different, and they can cause some shock. Even with the spread of legalization across the globe, some individuals still hold the fear of the past in even a whisper of the word marijuana.


The real facts are that marijuana is a term used as the original slang of the past. How has just a grouping of nine letters cause so many to hide? Is this not just one way of seeing something?


Dank, chronic, green, bud, flower, Mary Jane and wacky weed are all words that are ways of talking about marijuana. There was the past that the biggest slang term was just a nod of the head. Or even using two fingers to symbolize the smoking of a joint and the world knew precisely what someone was saying.


So what is in a name? That meaning is always different for everyone, regions, heritages, community, and race. Grass smoked in the 60s is the same Chronic of the 90s. While it is different letters, everyone understands the thought.


Ironically the reason behind the use of slang terms is a desire to hide the real thing. The truest symbolism of comedy comes when you eavesdrop to the world. One conversation asking for weed and answered with no ganja here is enough.


Valid questions are whether or not the slang terms will increase or decrease. As marijuana becomes more mainstream will the need to hide remain.


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