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Marijuana Oil Rigs

If there’s one thing that has proved dynamic and evolved over the years, then it has to be how marijuana is taken. Marijuana users have in the recent past moved away from the more traditional forms like smoking, to more contemporary ways of enjoying weed like using concentrates. 

An oil rig is basically a modified sort of water pipe that is used for dabbing. This magical equipment provides more potent effects and enhances the cleanness of the Marijuana’s taste, offering a more fulfilling experience. It differs from a typical water pipe in that instead of a connector as would be the case on a bubbler or bong, the oil rig is usually either male or female glass joint intended the hold a nail, that is, the surface onto which concentrate is place on, heated and you get the vaporization.

Why don’t we dig into some specifications you should consider when buying a rig?

Water volume

Smaller oil rigs translates to less water volumes. This will give you an experience of direct hit and lots of flavour. As for the larger one, the higher water volumes mean a smoother hit and therefore a slight reduction in flavour.


It all narrows down to your preference; whether you want a mammoth oil rig that could be displayed as a piece of art on a coffee table or a tiny one that you could stuff in your pocket.


Now, you want your oil rig to be there when you need it, don’t you? If the answer is in the affirmative, then you should lookout for the rigs design. A top-heavy oil rig is very likely to take a spill at some instance, and you don’t want that especially if you are a dabbing in an area of high-traffic environment. An Oil rig with a sturdy base and thickened walls might be a good investment.

There are a range of oil rigs on retail, specially designed for Marijuana concentrates to ensure you have a memorable experience.


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